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Acceptable Use, Privacy Statement & Disclaimer

Acceptable Use:

This Site ("") is for entertainment purposes and general information only. It may not be used as a definitive source of information or authority for the information presented. The intent of the Site is to provide general information that may lead to factual presentations via direct communication in person, by phone or in writing with Steward's Transmission Center.

The administrators of the site reserve the right to deny access to this Site and its elements TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, without notice and without recourse. Specific misuse of the Site that may invoke such immediate denial of access are, but are not limited to: sending unsolicited vendor email (aka: SPAM), attempting to post links or derogatory information in the "Contact Us" form, attempts to deface, alter or otherwise damage the Site. In addition to denial of access, some actions may invoke a response involving such legal remedies as may be appropriate.

Privacy Statement:

This Site ("") stores no online data. Excepting the "Contact Us" form, no personal data of any kind whatsoever is transmitted over the Internet. The "Contact Us" form uses a standard email interface to communicate. Once sent, the information contained in the correspondence is no longer a part of the Site. Please note that Internet email is not a secure protocol.

The operators and administrators of the Site respect your privacy. We continue to work diligently to ensure the safety and security of your browsing experience, within the reasonable boundaries of Internet use.


The administrators and operators of this Site ("") make every reasonable effort to maintain the safety, security and accuracy of the content and presentations thereof. The Site is not intended to host any content for which we have no ownership, rights or permissions and is intended to contain only content suitable for general audiences. Please notify us immediately at this email address of any elements found on the Site that do not comply. Non-compliant elements will be removed from the Site as soon as possible.

This Site is for entertainment and general information only. Should there ever be any deviation between presentations herein and presentations in writing, via telephone or via in-person representations, the Site shall be presumed to be in error. By using this Site, you agree that no compensation of any kind whatsoever is due or penalty of any kind required as a result of errors or omissions in the Site content.

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